Moksha Life Coaching
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Coaching Process

How I Help You

 Through our dialog of discovery, we will

  • Explore areas of your life which are barriers to becoming your best self.
  • Create a program tailored to your own nature and life circumstances.

  • Uncover your innate wisdom.

  • You will learn that
    • You know more than you think you know.

    • You have more inner resources than you think you have.

    • You are more than you think you are.

       You will hear your lifesong!

       Your song opens the door to a life of moksha, inner freedom.

      You will sing out loud, with joy and enthusiasm.

      You will be in harmony with yourself, your life and your relationships.

      You will learn techniques to bring yourself back to harmony when you discover you’re off-key.

       You will sing your lifesong!

How we compose your song:

Our initial, complimentary, conversation is to get to know one another, discuss the coaching process and decide if we are a good match. 

 If we decide to form a coaching relationship, we will

  • determine your goal for our coaching engagement,
  • decide on the length of the initial coaching program,
  • develop a purpose and outcomes statement so we can monitor our progress and make sure we are staying on track,
  • develop self-observation exercises and practices to move you towards a new way of being,
  • begin a series of weekly one-hour coaching conversations. 

Sometimes the melody takes us in directions we aren’t expecting, and while we may explore them, we keep in mind our original intent – to find your song, wherever it may be, and sing with your whole heart.

I've learned that people don't grow to a plan and timetable.  Their growth is much more organic and unpredictable and exciting to explore.   So, if you're looking for a taskmaster - someone who'll "kick your *&*(," "hold your feet to the fire" and make sure you perform all the practices you agree to perform, exactly when and how we set out, then I'm not the coach for you.  My clients are likely to be much more harsh taskmasters of themselves than I could ever be.  My role is to explore that resistance, because that's where the growth comes.  We celebrate progress, not perfection. 

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