Moksha Life Coaching
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What They're Singing About...

 “Christine is a passionate, comprehensive and real coach, consultant and facilitator.  She is funny, wise, creative.  Trusting Christine is an easy and wise thing to do.”

“Christine’s life experience has allowed her to develop a rich depth of character, wisdom and compassion.  Her sense of humor offers a great perspective on problems that can be consuming.  I couldn’t have come this far without her!”

“Christine is a very dedicated and compassionate coach.  She truly thinks “outside the box,” continually searching for new approaches to whatever challenge is being presented.”

“Christine has an ability to empathize and connect while still remaining professional and appropriate to the situation.  Her holistic mind, body, spirit approach makes working with her very pleasurable and effective.”

“I have a renewed self-confidence and expanding awareness and clarity about the areas of my life to work on to allow this new career path to materialize.  I’m having fun too!  Seeing the world again as a place of possibilities instead of dead ends is energizing and life affirming.”

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