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About Us

Christine Fotheringham has the flexibility, skills and diverse background to connect with staff at any level and from any functional discipline. In industries such as life assurance, mining, food services and healthcare, she held roles as an Accountant, Business Systems Analyst, Corporate Trainer and Internal Sales Consultant. She has found her calling as a Lifesong Coach for individuals and teams where she can  directly contribute to the growth of others.

She coaches individuals who have reached an impasse in their professional and/or personal lives, and guides them in overcoming the inner and outer obstacles preventing them from hearing the song only they were born to sing – their lifesong.  With coaching, they are able to sing their song in harmony with themselves and others.

 Christine and her associates also offer team workshops designed to give cross-functional teams the exhilarating experience of coming together to achieve what they could not do alone – write and perform a team song.

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